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The flip effect of the Dunaj plug-in for Sony Vegas is very simple to use. When you select it in the plug-in chooser, Vegas will offer three presets: Flip Horizontally, Flip Vertically and Rotate.

The easiest way to apply either preset is by shift dragging it over your clip, your track, or the render window, depending on whether you want to apply the effect to a single clip, a track, or everything. Here is an example of what the render window may look before applying the effect:

That, by the way is from the visit of the Dalai Lama to Bratislava, a city on the Dunaj (Danube) River. I picked it because you can see some letters that will make the three different effects obvious.

Here is what happens if you shift-drag the Flip Horizontally preset:

As you can see, the horizontal flip produces a mirror image.

If you shift-drag Flip Vertically it will produce a different type of mirror image in which the left remains left and the right remains right, but the top and the bottom are reversed:

Last but not least, if you shift-drag Rotate, the image will be rotated by the full 360° as seen below:

Please scroll up and down this page to compare the three different effects to the original. Note especially the difference between the vertical flip and the rotation. They are not the same. Look at the big red mark if you do not see the difference. The distinction is quite important when correcting videos shot with a digital camera and a 35-mm adapter. While the more expensive adapters will produce a straight-up image, the cheaper models may produce an image that is flipped vertically. And when shooting with a 3D mirror rig, the image is flipped either horizontally or vertically, depending on how the rig is set up.

Above, I suggested that you shift drag the presets instead of just dragging them. In Sony Vegas, if you drag a preset (or choose a video effect from the menu), you are presented with a dialog in which you can refine your choices. If you shift drag, the effect is applied without popping up the dialog. With the Dunaj Flip, there is nothing to refine, you either flip vertically or horizontally or both. Both means you rotate the image.

Nevertheless, a dialog is available if you just drag without holding the shift key. All it contains is two check boxes, one to select a horizontal flip, the other to select a vertical flip:

If you check Horizontal Flip, you get the horizontal flip. If you check Vertical Flip, you get the vertical flip. If you check both, you get the rotation. If you check neither, you just get the original image. It is very simple mathematics. ☺ And Dunaj is all about mathematics.

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