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Bororo 3D


Perhaps the best part of the Bororo 3D plug-in for Sony Vegas is its ability to composite two video tracks, producing a stereoscopic video.

To use it, place your left video on a Sony Vegas track. Then place your right video on a separate track below the left track. Though if you prefer to place the right video above the left video, Bororo 3D has the option of swapping left and right. Make sure the two videos are perfectly aligned. That is to say, they should both start and end at the same points on the time line.

Next, click on the green Compositing Mode icon in the header of the top track, as seen in the picture below.

A small menu will appear, select Custom…

A Plug-In Chooser will offer you a selection of 2-to-1 Transforms. Select Bororo 3D Composite.

A dialog will appear offering you various options. You can pick one directly from the dialog, or you can select one of the presets that come with Bororo 3D. You can also create your own customized anaglyphs and save them as presets, which Sony Vegas will let you load.

Here you can see the Prime Anaglyph preset. Everyone seems to have their own “optimized” anaglyph method. The prime anaglyph is mine.

I placed the word “optimized” in quotation marks because any optimization depends on what kind of anaglyph glasses you use, what kind of monitor (or print, or projection screen) you have, as well as personal preferences. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

Here, by the way, is what the prime anaglyph looks like:

Here is the same using the Wimmer Anaglyph preset (described here as optimized anaglyph, except without the gamma correction since you can do any gamma correction you need directly in Sony Vegas). Note that I am in no way suggesting one is better than the other. After all, I said it all depends on your personal needs.

You can experiment with the different anaglyphs by entering your own custom values into the anaglyph table at the right side of the dialog. The right hand column will automatically add up those values and the Bororo 3D plug-in will divide the factors by the sum. If you prefer to divide by a different sum, select the Lock box next to the sum, then type in whatever sum you want. The sum will stay locked even if you change the various factors. If you unlock it (unselect the Lock box), Bororo 3D will calculate the new sum. Naturally, the sum should never be zero, since division by zero is mathematically undefined. And Bororo 3D is all about mathematics.

If you select the Interpolate box, drag the time line to the right, and enter different factors, Bororo 3D will gradually change from one set of values to the next. But you must select the Interpolate box on the left end of the different sets of values.

Other presets are available. If you select Left/Right and Swap Right/Left you will produce a video suitable for YouTube 3D, such as this. If you select Horizontal Interlace, you can produce your own field sequential 3D DVDs (or BDs). Just make sure to shoot your original in progressive mode and render the 3D version as interlaced, so the left and right fields are MPEG compressed separately.

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