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13 September 2017

Added ICM profiles for the ViewSonic VS12324 monitor.

11 September 2017

Added ICM profiles for the Hans-G Hi221D monitor.

7 September 2017

Added to the PICM web page. It is an ICC profile based on hardware calibration of my laptop, the GT 72s 6QE Dominator Pro G, for the use of video editing.

5 September 2017

I have been developing Pantarheon ICM library (PICM) to support writing software for the creation of ICC profiles under Windows. I have created a PICM web page, where I shall post the library when it is ready for a public release.

For now the page only contains a sample profile which can be used to view what a monitor looks like when it is not calibrated. It also come with the sample C program used (with PICM) to create that profile.

18 October 2011

I have added an explanation on how to find presets in the new Sony Vegas Pro 11.

27 August 2011

I see so many movies, both old and new, I decided it was about time to start jotting down some brief film notes. I have started today with a thought on A Clockwork Orange, which, several months ago, I was lucky enough to find on Blu-ray at Walmart for just $10. So I snatched it and have watched it several times, most recently just two days ago.

15 August 2011

Today I uploaded Seven More Vegas Presets, also for color grading film and video in Sony Vegas.

1 August 2011

I can’t believe it has been over a year since my last update. Today I uploaded Seven Vegas Presets, for color grading film and video in Sony Vegas.

19 June 2010

I uploaded The Seven Masters, where I discuss the only seven master formats we need to save any 2D and 3D photo and video.

2 June 2010

Whew! I finished the documentation for the Pantarheon 3D AviSynth Toolbox.

1 June 2010

I uploaded the first part of the documentation for the Pantarheon 3D AviSynth Toolbox. More to come soon, but this will get you started.

31 May 2010

I finished working on my Pantarheon 3D AviSynth Toolbox, which allows you to create 3D videos in AviSynth, the free video editor. You can download it right now. The documentation will follow in a few days.

4 May 2010

I was working on a new version of the Bororo 3D plug-in. One of the things I added is the ability to flip the image horizontally or vertically or both (which would rotate the image). This is useful when shooting 3D with mirror rigs.

But I felt it did not quite belong to a 3D plug-in because flips and rotates are not really 3D operations. Finally, I decided I should produce a separate plug-in useful for both 2D and 3D Sony Vegas users.

Then I thought, why just have a plug-in with only one effect? So, while I moved the flips to it without any difficulty, I started working on other effects for this plug-in, which I named Dunaj, the name of the largest river in Europe in my own language (Slovak). In English it is known as the Danube. I gave it that name because I want to add things to it that will make the editing process flow like a river.

And while I am working on those other effects, I did not want to make the Bororo 3D users wait, so today I made a pre-release, version 0.1, of the Dunaj plug-in and uploaded it here, both a 32-bit and a 64-bit version. You will have to wait for the rest of it until I have the full package ready, but you can have the flips now.

23 February 2010

I have made a slight refinement to the cubic interpolation code. The change was so small that it did not deserve a new version number. I have uploaded it as Build 8, but still version 1.2.1.

14 February 2010

Well, it had to happen sooner or later: I noticed some bugs that crept into version 1.2 of the Bororo 3D plug-in. I removed them, recompiled, and uploaded version 1.2.1 (builds 6 and 7). In this version I also replaced linear interpolation with cubic interpolation in those parts that distort the image, namely the “lens” transitions added in version 1.1, and the “drape” effect added in version 1.2. This will allow me to add some wild effects later on. ☺ ♫

I have also created permanent links to the setup files, links that will automatically give you the current version of the plugin. They are: for the 32-bit version;

And for the 64-bit version.

Both links will redirect to the .msi file to install whatever the current version is.

11 February 2010

I have added more functionality to the Bororo 3D plug-in and uploaded version 1.2 (build 5).

3 February 2010

I have recompiled the Bororo 3D plug-in version 1.1 (build 4). It now works with both, the 32-bit and the 64-bit, version of Sony Vegas. Naturally, you need to install it separately for each version from the respective install packages. If you have installed a prior build of version 1.1, you need to uninstall it before installing this build.

29 January 2010

I have uploaded Bororo 3D documentation on how to use the iris transitions. These transitions are useful for both 3D and 2D videos, so do not thing the Bororo 3D plug-in is not for you just because you do not work with 3D.

27 January 2010

I uploaded version 1.1 of the Bororo 3D plug-in. In this version I completed the “lens” version of the iris type of transitions. I also added the “convergent” version of the lens, an idea that just occurred to me this morning. The lens of the non-circular variety was pretty confusing to figure out, but I think you will find it interesting.

By the way, the lens version of transitions works with both 2D and 3D video, so the plug-in is now well worth downloading even if you never work with 3D cinematography.

20 January 2010

Today I wrote the first two pages of Bororo 3D documentation, one on compositing 3D streams into a stereoscopic video, and one on placing 2D objects in 3D space.

19 January 2010

I have decided to release the Bororo 3D plug-in for Sony Vegas, even though I have yet to write any documentation. But if you like to try things without knowing how to use them, be my guest now. ♫

I am hoping to write the documentation in the coming days. Though I have to admit I am quite tired. I have worked on it non-stop for several weeks now…

I just wish I could figure out how to install the 64-bit version under Vista. Alas, it seems a lot of developers have been unable to register 64-bit COMs under Vista. And, unfortunately, Sony Vegas plug-ins are COMs.

17 January 2010

Coming soon, the Bororo 3D plug-in for the 32-bit version of Sony Vegas. The plug-in is finished, I just need to create a setup file for it.

Well, that and write some documentation here on the web site. After all, what good is a plug-in if you do not know what it can do. ☺

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